Image: Xbox, Bethesda

Before Arkane Austin closed its doors, the studio rolled out one final game update for Redfall adding an offline mode, single-player pausing, a new weapon, new systems, DLSS3, and much more.

The now-former studio head Harvey Smith has now acknowledged this, mentioning how he's received a "burst of energy" from the people playing this cleaned up "final version" of the game. He also used this chance to once again tease how he's "already looking forward" to what's next.

"Hearing from the people playing the cleaned up, final version of Redfall is such a burst of energy. I'm looking forward to talking about what I'll be doing next."

It's not exactly clear what he'll be doing next, but fans have already encouraged him to keep creating. He even got some encouragement from Arkane Lyon director Dinga Bakaba following the initial shut down announcement.

Earlier this week, Redfall well and truly came to a close - with Xbox beginning to refund individuals who purchased the 'Hero Pass' as part of the 'Bite Back' upgrade after it was cancelled last month. This refund follows not only the game's final update released at the end of last month but also a post-launch update adding performance mode.