Image: Xbox, Bethesda

Following the news last month that Arkane Austin and three other teams under the Xbox banner would be closing down, it was revealed that the DLC for Redfall would be cancelled, with players who purchased the 'Hero Pass' as part of the 'Bite Back' upgrade informed they would receive the value back in credit.

As highlighted by Windows Central and multiple player reports on social media and elsewhere online, refunds are now finally being rolled out for players on Xbox and PC around the globe. Below is just one of many examples, with users being refunded the full amount on both platforms:

The 'Bite Back' pack was meant to include a Redfall Hero Pass, two future skins, multiple outfits, and some weapon-related items. This refund follows on from the game's final update released at the end of last month, which included an offline mode. A previous post-launch update also added a performance mode to the game, boosting the frame rate.

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