This month, Dragon Age has forced its way back into the 2024 conversation - first with a name change, followed by a release window, and then a fresh gameplay deep dive from EA. The reaction to all of this news so far has been perhaps a little mixed; none more so than the game's new name of Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

We must admit, we too think BioWare's old name of 'Dragon Age: Dreadwolf' just had a cooler sound to it - but 'The Veilguard' it now is. And, in a new piece from Game Informer, various members of the development team have gone into more detail about the name change.

The outlet asked various BioWare devs the same question — 'why the name change?' — and basically all of them said that it was due to how integral the game's companions are. With these companions collectively being called the Veilguard, that became the clear choice for a subtitle.

"As we were building this game, it became really clear that it was less that we were trying to make The Veilguard and more like The Veilguard was taking shape as we built the game.

Solas is still a central figure in it. He's still a significant character. But really, the focus shifts to the team.

[We] realized Dreadwolf suggests a title focused on a specific individual, whereas The Veilguard, much like Inquisition, focuses more on the team."

Earlier this month, our Video Producer Craig got some great hands-on time with the new Dragon Age - and he's already put pen-to-digital-paper on his initial thoughts of The Veilguard. We'll drop this Pure Xbox preview down below!

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