After a brief teaser popped up during the Xbox Games Showcase, EA and BioWare have finally lifted the lid on Dragon Age: The Veilguard, following what feels like an age of waiting for the next big BioWare RPG.

Up above, we've got a good 20 minutes of raw Dragon Age: The Veilguard gameplay ahead of its Fall 2024 launch on Xbox Series X and S. There's everything from combat to traversal, cutscenes to conversations tucked in here, and we have to admit that it's nice to finally get an extended look at this title.

Here's some more info on The Veilguard and what it's bringing to the Dragon Age series:

"In Dragon Age: The Veilguard, you’ll embark on a quest to face powerful Elven gods and stop the destruction they’re unleashing on the world. You are known as Rook, battling on the front lines alongside a compelling cast of companions with individual storylines and motivations.

In true Dragon Age fashion, companions are central to the experience and as Rook, you must rise up, rally your crew and forge relationships to become the unexpected leader others believe in. Dragon Age: The Veilguard is launching worldwide to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC in Fall 2024."

The team didn't turn up with a launch date here, so we're still waiting on that, but fans will be playing the next Dragon Age this year on Xbox - barring any last-minute delays.

Who's excited for this one, then? Tell us your thoughts on this gameplay deep dive down below.