Another Rare Classic Is Now Available On Nintendo's Switch Online Service (Pure Xbox)
Image: Nintendo, Rare

Rare, the developer behind modern hits such as Sea Of Thieves, is today celebrating the release of another one of its classics on Nintendo's Switch Online subscription service.

In case you missed it, this time it's the first-person shooter Perfect Dark. This kind of times into the first proper look at the gameplay in the new Perfect Dark title, which was recently featured at Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase. Here's the post Rare retweeted on social media:

If you don't have access to the Switch, there's no need to feel like you're missing out, as the Xbox Live Arcade version of Perfect Dark is available on Xbox Game Pass and can also be accessed through the Rare Replay collection.

At the time of the first game's release in the year 2000, Perfect Dark was known for pushing the Nintendo 64's hardware to its limits with the requirement of an Expansion Pack to access everything the game had to offer. Years later, Rare bolstered this package with the remastered Xbox 360 release, which also included online multiplayer.

Apart from Perfect Dark, other Nintendo 64 Rare games on the Switch Online service include Blast Corps and GoldenEye 007. It's got more games featured in Nintendo's other retro libraries, too.

Rare's multiplayer pirate game Sea Of Thieves also recently made its debut on PlayStation 5, sailing straight to the top of the charts.

Any eagerness to revisit Perfect Dark? Looking forward to the new game? Let us know in the comments.