Xbox's Sea Of Thieves Reaches 40 Million Players Prior To PS5 Launch

Xbox and Rare's Sea Of Thieves is officially about to set sail on PS5 in just a couple of weeks' time, but before then, it's been announced today that the game has now surpassed 40 million players across Xbox consoles and PC.

In a message on the Sea of Thieves website, Executive Producer Joe Neate thanked the game's community and its team of developers for helping achieve such an "extraordinary" milestone. Here's a snippet of what he had to say:

"40 million players across Xbox, Windows 10 and Steam is an amazing milestone to be able to talk about, and of course it wouldn’t have happened without you – our brilliant, positive and welcoming community, who continue to surprise and impress us with your creativity and antics out on the waves."

"That said, I also want to take this opportunity to offer heartfelt thanks to the team, who’ve worked so hard to deliver over a hundred free updates since launch and have plenty more excitement and innovation on the horizon. Season 12 is almost here, and the new additions like throwing knives and the Bone Caller are going to transform our sandbox yet again."

Of course, Rare's big focus at the moment is getting ready for Sea of Thieves' PS5 launch on April 30th, with a Closed Beta having recently taken place. There's good news for us too, as crossplay will be supported between Xbox and PS5.

So, are you one of the 40 million players who have sailed the seas with Sea of Thieves at some point over the last six years? If so, are you still playing the game to this day, or has it struggled to retain your interest? Tell us down below.

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  5. It's just not my thing to be honest!19%