Over the weekend, the folks at Digital Foundry posted some interesting findings about Sea Of Thieves on PlayStation 5, following its recent beta test on the Sony console. We'll put the video version of their analysis up above, but the gist of it is that PS5 has a few advantages despite being very similar to the Series X version overall.

Where those differences lie seems to be in draw distance and shadow detail, mainly, with DF mentioning these aspects in its early look at the new Sea of Thieves PS5 port. Here's where the outlet mentions these aspects in its analysis:

"First impressions suggest a game that is very similar to its Series X counterpart - but when we look a bit closer, there are some differences. Shadows look quite a bit different on PS5, with a sharper outline and more visible detail. This holds true both up-close and at a distance, with far away shadows resolving more softly on the Series machine.

I noticed the PS5 had a consistent edge when it came to draw distances for distant foliage elements, which sometimes appeared on the PlayStation when absent from Series X. Once again, these were very minor differences that you'd need a side-by-side to spot, but there is a clear PlayStation advantage here for some reason, which I don't really understand at the moment. On PC, the PS5 corresponds with max settings, with Xbox falling somewhat behind."

The team also notes that the difference in shadow detail "falls in line with a similar tweak found in the PS5 version of Hi-Fi RUSH" - something we covered here on the site not-so-long ago. It's a curious difference between the two platforms, but one that seems to have repeated itself here with Sea of Thieves.

Now, it should be made clear that Digital Foundry is only testing the beta version of the game here on PS5, so things could well change when Rare's final PS5 version lands on April 30th. Also, if you're interested in how the game is generally shaping up on Xbox these days, the above video takes a fresh look at multiple Xbox versions of Sea of Thieves - including on Xbox One X and Xbox Series S.

What do you make of these subtle differences? Take to the high seas and discuss down below!

[source eurogamer.net]