Xbox Team Highlights Six Indie Games You Should Check Out This Month
Image: WW2 Rebuilder

We've started this thing here at Pure Xbox where we highlight 10 Xbox indie games to look forward to every month, and the team over at ID@Xbox have been doing something similar on the official Xbox website recently.

Their list for May looks quite different to ours - we've only got one game that's the same - but that just shows how many fantastic indie games are releasing on Xbox every month! That game, by the way, is the amazing Crow Country.

As for everything else? Well, there's a vampire life sim game, a World War 2 cleanup game, an aquarium-designing game and more! We'll throw their list below along with a short quote about each, and don't forget to check our list out too!

Aquarium Designer

"While we loved making and enjoying our aquariums, the real reason we’re recommending this game is that we found it to be as entertaining for our cats as it was for us."


"Building on the life sim experiences of games like Stardew Valley and Moonlighter, the twist of being a vampire while you’re going through life tasks makes Brocula feel fresh and comfortably familiar at the same time."

Candle Knight

"Candle Knight is a 2.5D action platformer that excels at the basics of the genre with really crisp, tight gameplay. But what we loved were the unexpected touches like being able to jump into paintings and explore the surreal worlds within."

Crow Country

"People say this is a love letter to the classic age of mid-’90s survival horror like Resident Evil and Silent Hill… and that it is – so if that’s your thing, why are you not already playing this?"

Pummel Party

"It’s all about destroying your friends, and possibly your friendships. It’s great, though."

WW2 Rebuilder: Cites From The Ashes

"World War 2 has ended and your job is to re-build. That’s the simple, yet monumental premise of WW2 Rebuilder."

Have you played any of these Xbox indie games? Tell us in the comments section down below.