Rumour: State Of Decay 3 Is 'Coming Along Very Nicely' Over At Xbox

State of Decay 3 is one Xbox title that we've heard basically nothing about since its announcement back in 2020 โ€” aside from news that Gears developer The Coalition is helping out on development โ€” but a new rumour from Windows Central's Jez Corden suggests that the game is shaping up rather nicely over at Xbox.

Talking on a recent episode of The Xbox Two Podcast, Corden said he's willing to put out there that Undead Labs' State of Decay 3 "looks very, very, very good" on the road to release. Here's a clip of that discussion:

In the past, we've heard damning reports about the developer and its work on State of Decay, so it's nice to see some positivity surrounding this long-in-development Xbox title. There happens to be a small Xbox showcase happening next month, so, maybe it could make an appearance?

That's not confirmed right now of course, but if it shows up, it'd sit alongside what is all-but confirmed to be the next Call of Duty, potentially a new DOOM reveal from id Software, and whatever else Xbox has up its sleeve for the June 9 livestream.

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