Late last week, a certain Jez Corden tweet started to spread around like wildfire - a tweet that some corners of the Xbox community believed was teasing a State of Decay 3 summer showcase appearance. While we felt that the tweet was perhaps a bit too vague to report on, we do think that Undead Labs' third SoD title is worth some sort of discussion at this stage.

Somehow, it's been almost four years since the game's very teaser-y teaser trailer from Xbox's 2020 summer showcase, and we've seen nothing on the game since. Nothing, zilch, absolute zero - State of Decay 3 has very much been 'in the dark' since July 2020 and it must be about time we see it again soon.

And so, what do you want Undead Labs to do with this long-awaited sequel? For us, it needs to feel a bit more big-budget to really make a splash in and amongst Xbox's stacked portfolio these days. We liked a lot of what the team did with the first two games, especially from a concept standpoint, but the execution at times left something to be desired - with both games feeling 'janky' to a certain degree.

There's also the question of how should Xbox approach re-introducing this game to its audience. It feels so long ago now since the 2020 teaser that a basic trailer slid into a showcase would feel a bit odd, to us anyway. In truth, we'd like a 'Developer Direct' style showing where we can really get a feel for what the game's trying to do, but sadly, the team has missed that boat - with the 2024 event at least.

With that being said, we're sure Microsoft could dedicate a nice chunk of this year's summer event to State of Decay 3; perhaps dropping a big gameplay demo showcasing what we'd presume will be a huge open world zombie playground for Xbox Series X|S. We're not getting too carried away with Jez's comment just yet, but the closer we get to showcase season, the more hyped we'll be about seeing some State of Decay 3 in action.

Are you excited to finally be re-introduced to State of Decay 3? Tell us your thoughts on all of this down below.