Forge Creators Plan To 'Bring The Helldivers 2 Experience' To Halo Infinite

Helldivers 2 is taking the gaming world by storm at the moment, but unfortunately it's not out on Xbox - despite Phil Spencer's wish to see it on the platform. The co-op shooter is proving very popular, and so, a group of Forge creators seem to be taking it upon themselves to build something similar in Halo Infinite.

Earlier this week, The Forge Falcons ran a poll on Twitter asking fans if they wanted to see a "Helldivers 2 Experience" within Halo Infinite, and nearly 90% of users voted "yes". As a result, the group is now working on building such an experience using the 343-developed Forge toolset.

As you can see here, this seems to be in the very early stages of development, but it's still something we'd be very interested in trying out if it comes to fruition. The very same group created a custom Halo Infinite battle royale last year - which seemed to go down well with Halo & broader FPS fans alike.

We'll keep our eyes on this so-called Halo Infinite 'Helldivers 2 Experience' in the coming months to see how it develops. In the meantime, we wonder if Phil will get his wish anytime soon in seeing the real Helldivers 2 come to Xbox? Maybe, maybe not.

Are you intrigued to see where this Forge project goes? Tell us what you think down below.