Talking Point: Which Apps Do You Use The Most On Your Xbox?
Image: Microsoft, Paramount Plus

Back in 2013, Team Xbox had a vision of an all-in-one entertainment centre that would ultimately become known as the Xbox One. The reveal event for this console was infamously TV-dominated, and a variety of mistakes during its unveiling (including that heavy TV focus) led to one of the most disastrous launches in the history of the industry.

Flash forward over a decade later though, and TV has become an arguably important part of the console experience. Many Xbox owners use the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube to get their TV fix on a daily basis, while other entertainment apps such as Spotify and Apple Music have proven extremely popular as well.

We're now at a point where some Xbox owners are spending more time with apps than actually playing any games, and that extends to the likes of the PS4 and PS5 too. Every version of the Xbox One along with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are fantastic systems for enjoying this kind of content - from Disney Plus to Paramount Plus!

So, we thought we'd wrap up this quiet Friday by asking which apps you personally use the most on your Xbox. Do you regularly go down YouTube rabbit holes? Are you hooked by Netflix? Does Spotify accompany most of your gaming sessions? Have you discovered a rare app you particularly like? Tell us in the comments down below.