Former Xbox head Don Mattrick, who received a lot of criticism back in 2013 in the lead up to the Xbox One launch, has appeared as part of the new Xbox documentary series Power On, giving his thoughts on Xbox during that time period.

To start with, Mattrick discussed the Xbox One's original vision of being an all-in-one entertainment device, and explained the reasons behind his decision to go down that route — even though it didn't end up being a popular one:

"It was exciting to think about what a single purpose, dedicated entertainment console could be. So we picked that as a path with Xbox One. We wanted a broad device that touched all parts of gaming and entertainment."

"Having our team think not only about gaming, but television, movies, stories that lived inside our gaming community, was something that I believed in."

Mattrick's comments are interspersed in the documentary alongside various other Xbox employees and industry analysts, many of which are highly critical of the Xbox One's launch strategy. It's mentioned that the Xbox One reveal event focused far more on TV features than games, and Mattrick admitted that he and his team "probably could have done a better job of reassuring people that we were committed to excellence in gaming."

Two other key areas are brought up — the fact that Xbox One wasn't going to allow you to play used games at one point, and the fact that it was originally going to be an always-on console, which Mattrick noted was a "very binary choice":

"We got pushback from consumers, from some journalists, questioning whether we'd made the right choice as a company. It was a valid criticism, but it was a very binary choice, and we chose to bet on online."

Finally, Mattrick appears in the Xbox One portion of the documentary once more, discussing when he left the company and current Xbox head Phil Spencer took his place. Mattrick admitted that he wished he could have had the opportunity to stay and execute his vision for the Xbox One, but ultimately he ended up leaving in the summer:

"I wish that I would have had an opportunity to stay, to execute on the vision and the capabilities that the team had created, but I ended up in the summertime announcing that I was going to be leaving."

The entire Power On: The Story of Xbox documentary series is a fascinating watch, so when you've got some free time, we highly recommend it! All six episodes are available right now, and you can watch them for free on YouTube.

What do you make of Mattrick's comments about the Xbox One launch? Let us know down below.