Epic CEO Makes Outspoken Statement About Microsoft 'Empowering Developers'
Image: Epic Games

You may have seen in the news recently that Microsoft has overtaken Apple in becoming "the world's most valuable company", and Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has had something to say on the matter. Sweeney has congratulated the Xbox owner for its achievement, while making a not-so-subtle dig at some of the competition.

More specifically, the Epic CEO says the way Apple and Google operate is "a sharp contrast" to how Microsoft "empowers developers to do great work". Here's Sweeney's statement in full:

"Congratulations to Microsoft on a well-deserved honor. From Bill Gates to Steve Ballmer to Satya Nadella, they have a 50-year track record of supporting and empowering developers to do great work, while respecting developer and user freedom. A sharp contrast to Apple and Google."

To be honest, we're not surprised to see this at all. A few years ago, Epic was fighting the two mobile companies in court - and Microsoft actually supported Epic's endeavour at the time. Evidently, the Fortnite creator prefers the way Microsoft does business in the gaming world!

Anyway, we suppose it's good news for Xbox in some fashion that Microsoft is now top of the capitalism tree. As long as Microsoft keeps investing in gaming, we're happy!

Is Tim fair in his comments here? Feel free to discuss further in the comments down below.