Remedy Dev Thanks Epic Games For Being 'Nothing But Supportive' On Alan Wake 2

Well, the early reviews are in, and it's safe to say that Alan Wake 2 has gone down very well indeed with most critics so far. In the wake of Remedy's review embargo lifting today, the team's communications director has thanked publisher Epic Games - and their comment gives us some insight into why Alan Wake 2 has seemingly turned out so well.

On Twitter, Remedy's Thomas Puha wrote a passionate thanks towards Epic Games for being "nothing but supportive" in developing Alan Wake 2. We'll drop the full quote down below:

"Shoutout to Epic Publishing. They let us make the game we wanted. Nothing but supportive. Epic's production team especially KILLED it on Alan Wake 2. They really care. Never have I read so much good feedback from milestones and have producers play so much of the game constantly."

This is Remedy's first big project with Epic on board as publisher, and it sounds like their experience has been pretty good so far, at least according to Puha. We also assume that Epic was in-part responsible for the decision to make Alan Wake 2 a digital-only release.

Digital-only it may be, but this long-awaited sequel has gone down very well in our early roundup of reviews. If you want to see what other critics are saying while the PX crew works away on our very own written review, check the link below!

Excited to try out Alan Wake 2 for yourself? Let us know if you're buying it down in the comments section!