Xbox Still Working On Baldur's Gate 3 Saving Issue, Taking It 'Very Seriously'

December was supposed to be a month of celebration for Baldur's Gate 3's Xbox arrival, and while it's definitely still gone down well, it's also been suffering with a major issue in which players' save files are randomly being deleted.

This is still happening as we approach 2024, and as we'd suspected, it's apparently an issue on Xbox's end. The Director of Publishing over at BG3 developer Larian Studios revealed this in some replies on Twitter yesterday:

"It’s being worked on. It’s firmware side, which means engineers at Microsoft are still working on it. It’s the holidays so a lot of folks are off, but it’s still being actuvely investigated over there. Folks are taking it very seriously."

Well’ll sort it. It’s an ongoing discussion I see movement on daily during working hours (EU/US). It’s a complicated one."

It appears that the problem relates to Xbox's cloud saving system, as we've seen similar issues crop up with other games in the past. A fix was put into a recent Xbox update, but it didn't appear to work (at least in the case of Baldur's Gate 3), and therefore it seems like it's a case of going back to the drawing board for Team Xbox.

Realistically, it seems like we're not going to get a solution until January rolls around, and even then a permanent fix can't be guaranteed. It's such a shame because the game itself is fantastic, but the fact that so many excited new BG3 owners are losing up to 75 hours of progress is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed ASAP!

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