Two More Dynamic Backgrounds Now Available On Xbox Series X|S

Fancy an Xbox background change? If so, you're in luck! Microsoft has added a couple of fresh dynamic options recently, including a new 'Power Your Dreams' theme for all the dedicated 'Team Green' fans out there.

As you'd expect, this latest background focuses on Microsoft's pair of current-gen consoles - all wrapped up in a cool icy, sparkly dynamic backdrop. There's a pretty cool theme to this one - we dig it!

However, if you prefer your backgrounds to be more game-specific, we've had a new option there recently as well. This one has been live for just over a week now but it's not got much attention yet, so we thought we'd highlight it here. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has arrived to splatter blood & guts all over your dashboard screens: (just kidding, the theme is quite tame actually.)

Xbox has built up quite a good selection of these now after recent additions from Modern Warfare 3, WRC and others - there are plenty of options for fans of different styles, genres, etc. We hope Microsoft keeps adding these as we move through the generation!

Will you be applying either of these new backgrounds? Tell us which in comments down below.