Xbox Series X Wraps
Image: Xbox

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced special Xbox Series X console wraps, which are able to give the higher tier model a new look at an affordable price.

While the Starfield design was the primary focus at the time, alongside this was actually the reveal of an 'Arctic Camo' and 'Mineral Camo' design. These other themes are now finally available for $44.99 USD each with Xbox issuing a reminder via social media (note: region pricing and availability may vary).

To celebrate this release, Microsoft has also released two new dynamic backgrounds based on these themes:

Here's some more information about how exactly these wraps work, and don't worry - all the vents are clear so air can flow freely through the system.

The wraps were designed specifically for Series X and have a custom, precision fit. Every detail was taken into consideration to ensure your console performance is preserved– vents are all clear, and small feet were added to the bottom of the wraps to ensure air can flow freely through the console.

Made with solid core panels that are layered with high-tech fabric finishes, the wraps are folded around your console and secured with a hook and loop enclosure. The interior of the wraps are printed with silicone designs that keep the wrap in place.

Any interest in these new wraps? What about the new dynamic backgrounds? Tell us in the comments.