Last night was pretty spectacular for fans of BTS superstar Jungkook, as Xbox partnered with the singer to help deliver his surprise performance in Times Square, as well as putting together a beautiful custom Xbox Series X design.

That custom Series X (seen below) was given away as part of a Twitch stream during the event, while the show itself saw Jungkook performing five songs from his debut album, "Golden". You can watch the show up above.

Jungkook's collaboration with Xbox, which was first announced a few days ago via a social media post and short video, appears to have racked up many millions of impressions over the past few days, so it's clearly been a big success.

As always with these custom Series X designs, we really wish we could buy them - the controller here looks particularly nice - but alas, there's no sign of that happening anytime soon. A fun partnership nonetheless!

Did you watch this performance last night? What do you think of the Series X? Tell us down below.