Steam Deck OLED

Valve has just lifted the lid on the Steam Deck OLED, the next iteration of its portable handheld gaming hardware. As part of this, it's now reassuring fans native dual-boot support for the system is "high on the list" of priorities.

As highlighted by The Verge, Valve designer Lawrence Yang recently told IGN it hadn't forgotten about dual-boot support, it was just that work on it had been slightly delayed due to the focus on Steam Deck OLED's development and release.

Dual-booting Windows will allow Steam Deck users to have both Microsoft Windows and SteamOS simultaneously running on Valve's handheld device. Users have been requesting official dual boot for some time, which would make services like PC Game Pass, xCloud and some Microsoft titles easier to access.

Microsoft has already shown strong support for Valve's Steam Deck, adding official Steam Deck support to many of its major first-party titles that are available through Valve's Steam service.

Any interest in the Steam Deck OLED? Looking forward to official dual-boot support? Tell us below.

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