Spirittea's Xbox Game Pass Launch Was 'A Ridiculously Good Experience' For The Team

Spirittea's launch earlier this month marked another day one Xbox Game Pass arrival, and its publisher is again singing the praises of Microsoft's subscription service. Frequently a fan of the model, No More Robots founder Mike Rose has taken to Twitter to say that its latest Game Pass deal was "a ridiculously good experience" for the team.

Rose says that more than 100K people have tried the game out on Game Pass already, and that Spirittea has been one of the indie publisher's "biggest launches to date".

In fact, as you can see up above, the Game Pass deal actually affected the development timeline for Spirittea. Due to working with Xbox on getting the game out on its subscription service, the team was afforded more time to make the game "bigger and better" ahead of its 2023 launch.

If you'd like to hear more of Rose's thoughts on the team's recent releases, Xbox, and Game Pass in general - check out our recent interview with the No More Robots chief. It's safe to say he's been a big supporter of Xbox Game Pass so far!

Have you tried out Spirittea yet? How about one of No More Robots' other Game Pass titles? Tell us down below.