Xbox Game Pass Launches Enable 'Secure Success', Says Indie Publisher

Xbox Game Pass has been in the headlines again recently, mainly due to comments coming from the UK CMA's Activision Blizzard report, and following this, Mike Rose of Descenders publisher No More Robots has taken to Twitter once again to talk about how beneficial the service has been for the team.

In short, Rose says that he and his team always push to get "every single title we publish" onto Xbox Game Pass these days. The main benefit for doing so is financial security for the devs involved.

In turn, Rose feels such security "relieves immense pressure" for those making the game, allowing them to focus on just that rather than whether they can make the money needed to survive as a business. It's a valid angle and one that certain shines a good light on Game Pass, at least on the developer side of things.

Of course, the flip side of that is how sustainable the model is for Microsoft, but the company has continually reminded us that Xbox Game Pass is working for them. It's working for us as well, given all the great games we get to play through the service!

What do you make of these new comments on Game Pass? Leave your thoughts down below.