Things have been a little quiet on the upcoming 007 game from Hitman team IO Interactive, but more details have surfaced after a new developer interview with EDGE Magazine (thanks, GamesRadar).

The project is still shrouded in mystery (we've only seen the above teaser trailer so far!) but we now have an idea that the title may differ quite a bit from the team's Hitman series. IO Interactive CEO describes the game as "the ultimate spycraft fantasy", and EDGE Mag reckons it could be a more scripted affair than what IO has done with Agent 47 so far. This is what the magazine had to say after visiting the IO office:

"The few other breadcrumbs we're able to pick up in the office suggest a tone closer to Daniel Craig than Roger Moore, and perhaps a more scripted experience than Hitman's freeform jaunts,"

It's not much, but honestly, we'll take any little breadcrumbs we can get relating to this upcoming James Bond title. IO has done great work with Hitman, and we can't wait to see what they craft with the 007 license.

If you're craving some James Bond but don't want to wait around for IO Interactive's title, a classic 007 game recently released on Xbox Game Pass. Yep, Rare's old school Goldeneye was added to the library earlier this year, and it's still there if you fancy a whirl!

Hyped for IO's take on James Bond? Let us know what you think to this tidbit down below.