Immortals Of Aveum Free Trial Launches For Xbox Alongside Major 'Echollector' Update

EA's Immortals of Aveum went under the radar a little bit earlier this year, but we had a good time with it in our review here at Pure Xbox, and now you can check it out for yourself with a totally free trial on the Xbox Store.

The trial can be accessed by going to the Immortals of Aveum game page on the Xbox Store, followed by hitting the "Get Free Trial" button. This'll download the full game, but only give you access to the first three chapters. If you like what you play, the game is also discounted by 50% as part of the Xbox Black Friday Sale 2023.

In addition to the free trial, Immortals of Aveum has also received a major update in the form of the "Echollector Update" (, which introduces a New Game+ mode, Grand Magnus difficulty mode and much more.

Sadly, it was revealed back in September that almost half of the studio behind Immortals of Aveum were laid off following its release, seemingly due to poor sales. With this new trial and discount (and hopefully an Xbox Game Pass addition in the future), it'll be interesting to see if the game can attract a healthier audience going forward.

Did you play Immortals of Aveum? What did you think of it? Tell us down in the comments below.