Fallout 4 Will Be Getting A New Update Next Week On Xbox

Bethesda has taken to social media today to announce that a new update is on the way for Fallout 4. The team's big next-gen upgrade initially arrived last month, but with numerous issues present at launch, the studio still has work to do getting things up to scratch.

For now, Bethesda hasn't provided the patch notes, but has said to expect "new options for graphics and performance settings as well as further fixes and improvements". The update is planned for all platforms on Monday, May 13th.

Shortly after the team's rough Fallout 4 next-gen launch, outlet Digital Foundry performed a typical deep-dive on the title - deeming it "weirdly undercooked" on release. Hopefully, once next week's patch rolls around, Fallout 4 will be in much better shape on current-gen platforms including Xbox Series X|S.

Have you held off on Fallout 4 next-gen so far? Tempted to try again next week? Tell us your plans down below.