Halo Infinite Dev Posts Lengthy Response To 'Increased' Bundle Prices

Halo developer 343 Industries has finally begun implementing a long-promised Halo Infinite feature - customisation items that work across different 'Spartan Cores' within multiplayer. While this feature's addition is certainly welcome, it's brought an unfortunate consequence that's disappointing some fans: increased store bundle costs.

Yep, players are beginning to spot that certain existing bundles in Halo Infinite have crept up in price since 343 implemented 'multi-core' functionality. And, as a result, the team's community director has posted a lengthy statement about what's happening here.

We'll drop a quote down below covering the most important points made, but the dev's response is quite lengthy, so we'll leave the full explanation to the Twitter post underneath:

"Shop prices on many offers have changed in conjunction with multi-core functionality being added to customization content. With Season 4, we saw new shop offers reflect a new pricing model to account for new coatings being multi-core enabled. With Season 5, many previously released coatings and all helmets in the game were updated to work on all cores, and those shop offers were adjusted to reflect these changes.

While many S1-S4 offers have been adjusted, I want to be transparent that as more multi-core coatings come to bear, there are going to be more past offers that weren't included with the initial S5 adjustments that will see updates in the future."

So, essentially, some items will begin to cost more money as they have more functionality within the game - which we guess makes sense. Still, it's not the best look and the dev even says that it "isn't necessarily what everyone wants to hear".

We'll keep an eye on how this evolves throughout future seasons and as more functionality is added; we just hope 343 manages these changes well. We do have to remember that Halo Infinite multiplayer is completely free-to-play, with only the campaign needing a purchase or an Xbox Game Pass subscription to gain access.

What do you think to all of this? Do you think it's fair to bump up prices? Drop your thoughts down below.