Forza Motorsport's first post-launch track is officially here, with the returning 'Yas Marina' circuit making its Xbox Series X|S debut. The course has featured in several Forza titles before, including Forza Motorsport 7, so we were curious as to how the new version stacks up. As usual, the community has delivered already - and we have a neat comparison clip up above!

As with all the tracks in this new Forza Motorsport reboot, Yas Marina has been completely rebuilt - and you can definitely tell. While the new title's more realistic lighting doesn't always look spot on in certain scenes, the game definitely looks and feels more authentic, and that stretches to the Yas Marina rebuild too.

Trackside detail is probably where the biggest boost can be found though. Watching this Porsche belt around, you can definitely see how much of a focus has gone into making the locations themselves feel more lifelike in the new game - which we really dig!

Forza 7 turns in a respectable effort though, and because of its less-dynamic lighting model, can actually look crisper in certain scenes. But, what do you think? Are you happy with the team's Yas Marina rebuild in Forza Motorsport?

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