Alan Wake 2 Dev Working Towards 'Full Fix' For Audio Issues On Xbox Series X|S

Alan Wake 2 got its first big patch last week; an update that attempted to rectify some of the audio issues that players have experienced so far, along with applying a bunch of other bug fixes and gameplay changes. Well, it seems that this patch didn't fix everything audio-related, as Remedy has announced its next set of updates.

A new Alan Wake 2 patch is now live on Xbox Series X|S, providing a further "workaround fix" for audio issues on Xbox. Oh, and the team says it's "expecting a full fix" to arrive in a future update.

For now we don't have a date for that subsequent update, but the dev has been pretty quick to apply Alan Wake 2 patches so far, so it shouldn't be too far off. In the meantime, here are the full patch notes for this week's smaller update:

Alan Wake 2 Update Patch Notes

(Xbox Series)

  • A workaround fix for the issue where the audio cut out intermittently in the Prologue. We are expecting a full fix for this issue in an upcoming update.

ROOM 665:

  • Fixed an issue (again) with the Echo scene not aligning and unlocking correctly (this was fixed in the previous update, but Echo hell still persisted)


  • Fixed an issue with a mouse (with a big presence) blocking progress.

Are you waiting for Remedy to fix these issues before finishing up with Alan Wake 2? Let us know your plans down below.