Random: Did You Know About This 'Hidden' VATS Feature In Fallout 4?

After almost a decade on the market we weren't sure there was much of Fallout 4 that we hadn't seen before, but a new clip doing the rounds on Twitter has alerted us to a feature that we didn't know was a thing - and it looks like lots of other players didn't know about it either.

Basically, the video down below shows that if you hold down the VATS button when using the targeting system in Fallout 4, you can completely 'free aim' while scouting for enemies. Here, take a look at the feature in action:

Of course, the way that VATS normally works when just pressing the button is that it switches between targets, locking on to whichever you're looking at. We had no idea that you could free aim by holding down VATS, and judging by the replies to this tweet, lots of other players didn't know either!

We're not sure if this is some weird bug that still persists to this day or if it's an intentional feature, but we'll be making use of this next time we play Fallout 4. In the meantime, if you want to see how the team's latest next-gen patch is shaping up, check out the links down below.

Well, is this completely new to you or did you know about this VATS feature? Go ahead and discuss down in the comments.