2K Reveals New, Astronomical Sales Figures For GTA & Red Dead Franchises

The grand reveal for GTA 6 is finally upon us, with developer Rockstar officially confirming that an announcement trailer is coming next month for the hotly-anticipated sequel. In the wake of this GTA tease, IP owner Take-Two has revealed some new sales figures for its most popular series.

We've known for ages now that Grand Theft Auto 5 just keeps on selling - and this recent update reveals some absolutely astronomical sales figures for the game. While the whole GTA series has sold-in over 410 million units worldwide, GTA 5 itself has now managed 190 million on its own. Almost 200 million sales for one game!

That's a seriously impressive figure - although its time on the market as the most recent GTA title likely helps a ton. This mammoth game has been released across three different console generations - right from Xbox 360 through to Xbox Series X|S.

This new financial update also provides some updated stats on the Red Dead series. Following the first game's release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Rockstar has managed to shift more than 81 million copies of Red Dead - with 57 million of those sales belonging to Red Dead Redemption 2. Those aren't quite GTA numbers, but they're still super impressive!

Now, the big question that lingers is just how well GTA 6 is going to sell. Of course, none of us know that right now - but given the amount of pent up demand for this game, we're expecting it to become one of the biggest video game launches ever.

Hyped for GTA 6 then? Tell us your thoughts on all of this down below.

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