Red Dead Redemption Gets 60FPS Patch On PS5, Xbox Version Remains 30FPS

So, this is an interesting one! Shortly after the launch of Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation platforms, Rockstar has sneakily added a 60FPS option for PS5 users. Yep, as of version 1.03, PS5 owners playing through PS4 backwards compatibility can enjoy Red Dead at 60FPS - marking the very first time that this game has been seen running above 30FPS in an official capacity.

This morning's patch seemed to come out of nowhere, with Rockstar then confirming the new frame rate option in a follow-up tweet.

This whole ordeal leaves us with one question of course, what about Xbox?! Microsoft's platform never received the new Red Dead Redemption port due to Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, but that version is limited to 30FPS even on Xbox Series X|S.

Microsoft could look at using its FPS Boost method to get RDR running at 60FPS, but given that we haven't seen a new FPS boost title in months, that seems unlikely. Rockstar could also give us the new port as an Xbox One title — with Series X|S support — but that seems far fetched as well given we missed out on the launch back in August.

Either way, we're now feeling a bit left out to be quite honest, and we'd love to see a 60FPS solution for Red Dead Redemption on Xbox in the future. Microsoft, Rockstar - where's our 60FPS option?!

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