If you've ever fancied playing your Xbox Series S on the go, but don't want to resort to cloud tech or other alternatives, the 'xScreen' is well worth a look. What do you do though if you own the recently released Carbon Black 1 TB model of the Xbox Series S and want things to match?

Well, the good news is a Carbon Black version of 'xScreen' is apparently coming soon. As highlighted by The Verge's Senior Editor, it's already being advertised online. Pre-orders are expected to open in "late November" at a discounted price and "limited quantities" will ship by Christmas.

Xbox yesterday announced it would no longer support "unauthorised accessories". Fortunately, there's no need to worry in this case, because the 'xScreen' is "officially" designed to be used with the Xbox Series S and has been put through all sorts of tests by Xbox's quality assurance team.

Would you be interested in a Carbon Black version of the 'xScreen'? Tell us in the comments.