Xbox Execs Respond To 'Stunning' Forza Motorsport Fan Clips

Forza Motorsport officially launches on Xbox Game Pass tomorrow, but the new racer is already out in early access, and some fan clips posted online are starting to seriously impressive the higher ups at team green.

Both Aaron Greenberg and Sarah Bond have responded to some Forza clips over the last few days - with the videos usually showcasing the game in the rain and at night where it arguably looks the most impressive.

Here are a few examples:

It goes without saying that these execs probably saw the game a lot during development, but Forza Motorsport's launch build definitely looks more visually impressive than even recent previews have done, so they could be seeing a marked improvement here!

Forza Motorsport is a very impressive title from a technical perspective, even if we think it needs a wee bit more content to truly fulfil its potential. If you want to read more about the title ahead of its Game Pass launch on October 10th, check out our review down below.

What do you think to Forza Motorsport's new next-gen visuals? Let us know in the comments.