We mentioned in our review of The Lamplighters League that although we thought it was a great game, it was in needed of patching ASAP. That's exactly what the dev team is trying to do right now, specifically for the Xbox Game Pass version.

A wide array of players have been taking to the web to report crashes when playing The Lamplighters League on Xbox, and this initially resulted in a patch to resolve some of the most major issues on October 6th. However, some crashing problems still remain, and another update will be going live imminently to address this.

Here's a rundown from the Lamplighters League development team over on Twitter and Reddit:

It's a real shame that The Lamplighters League has suffered such a rough launch, as we really enjoyed the time we spent with it during review aside from the issues, praising it as a "stylish and smart turn-based adventure".

You'll probably want to wait until the next update is pushed out (or maybe even a few more) before digging in, but we do recommend downloading the game in preparation - we could see this becoming a bit of a hidden gem before long!

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