Remedy's Sam Lake Wants To Make A 'Crazy, Huge Budget, Dark Gothic Fantasy' Game

Well, Alan Wake 2 has officially landed and to be quite honest, its initial reception has probably exceeded our expectations. Remedy fans new and old seem to be loving this one, and talking to GQ Magazine, the studio's creative director has dropped a few hints at what he'd like to work on next.

Of course, we know that the team is already hard at work on Control 2, but Sam Lake also has other ideas for future projects. Here's one of those - an idea that the famous developer has been cooking up for a while:

"Would I ever do anything else?’ Yeah. I'm still thinking that I will.

One [story] was this crazy, huge budget, dark gothic fantasy, which I haven’t used for anything yet..."

Looking at what Remedy has managed to create with Alan Wake 2, especially on a technical level, has us very excited for a potential future where this sort of project becomes a reality. We don't know if it will just yet, but a big budget 'dark gothic fantasy' sounds like the exact sort of thing this team would nail!

Speaking of knocking things out of the park, we too thought Remedy did a fantastic job with its Alan Wake sequel. It's not a perfect game, but Alan Wake 2 shoots to the top of our Remedy games list with a hugely improved sophomore effort.

Is this something you'd like Remedy to crack on with and make? Leave your thoughts on this idea in the comments down below.