Remedy Officially Announces 'Control 2' For Xbox Series X|S

We've got confirmation! Remedy Entertainment is working on a sequel to the superb Control in the form of Control 2, and it's being co-developed and published with 505 Games, with the latter publishing the console version specifically.

The game is currently in its concept stage, so a release date is a long way off. That said, we already know it's definitely coming to Xbox Series X|S (along with PS5 and PC), and will be developed using Remedy's Northlight engine.

Remedy announced back in 2021 that there were plans for a "bigger-budget Control game" in the future, but at the time refrained from calling it "Control 2" or revealing any further details. Today, Remedy's CEO confirmed that the aforementioned "bigger-budget" game was indeed the project that's now being called "Control 2".

We're going to be waiting a while, but we can't wait to see what Remedy has in store with Control 2! In the meantime, here's some concept art from Control 2 to whet everyone's appetite:

Remedy Officially Announces 'Control 2' For Xbox Series X|S 2

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