So, the biggest Redfall patch yet finally arrived earlier this month - complete with the game's long-awaited 60FPS mode on Xbox Series X and S. It's been a long time coming and we're glad it's here, however this might not be the end of road for Arkane's first Xbox-exclusive IP.

According to Windows Central's Jez Corden, Bethesda discussed what's next for Redfall back at Summer Game Fest in June. This wasn't an official announcement or anything of the sort — Corden said he merely eavesdropped on a Bethesda conversation — but basically, the company wants Arkane to deliver a full "redemption arc" with its vampiric shooter. Here's a short clip of Corden recalling the conversation, pulled from a new episode of the Xbox Two podcast:

As you can hear, Corden reckons Bethesda had plans for "sticking with the game for years", at least back in June 2023 when this conversation apparently took place. It's worth taking Corden's recollection with a pinch of salt though - it wasn't a public Bethesda comment or anything like that, and there's no actual proof of what exactly was said.

Still, we'd like to see work continue on Redfall in the coming months. Arkane's latest patch isn't perfect even if it's a huge step in the right direction, and we're intrigued to see where this 2023 Xbox exclusive could go next.

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