There's been lots of talk about how Xbox handles backwards compatibility since yesterday's Red Dead Redemption announcement, and now videos are starting to trickle out comparing the new Nintendo Switch version to the 2010 classic running on Xbox hardware.

Up above you can see how the Xbox Series X handles the enhanced Xbox 360 version - running in full 4K at 30 frames per-second. We must say that up against Switch this Xbox version holds up well, and you can really tell how that higher resolution helps with overall clarity.

There are definitely some changes packed into the new Switch port though. Colour saturation looks cranked up, and some of the foliage looks different in certain scenes. We think both versions look pretty good even if they're limited to 30FPS - we'd have loved to see 60FPS somewhere!

For now, PS4/PS5 footage hasn't been released, but we'd expect that to look pretty close to these two versions also. The big bonus for us on Xbox is that we don't have to fork out $50 for the new version of Red Dead Redemption. Winner!

How do you think these two versions of RDR compare? Let the duel commence in the comments section below.