Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has been talking a bit more about Call of Duty plans in today's interview on the Official Xbox Podcast, including what PlayStation players can expect from the franchise in the future.

As he's said before, Spencer reiterated that he wants PlayStation fans to feel part of the Call of Duty community (same with PC and eventually Nintendo!), and the goal is for 100% parity across all platforms when it comes to content:

"For Call of Duty players on Playstation, and in the future on Nintendo, I want you to feel 100% part of the community. I don't want you to feel like there's content you're missing out, there's skins you're missing out, there's timing you're missing out on. That's not the goal."

"I want the Call of Duty nation to feel supported across all platforms."

Spencer also talked a bit more about the PlayStation-exclusive Call of Duty content that we've seen over the past few years, pointing out that even the recent Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beta was a timed exclusive for PlayStation owners, and ultimately criticising it as not being beneficial for the game itself or the Call of Duty community.

"We've been on the other side of some of those skins and times - even this beta wasn't on Xbox the first week. I just don't think that helps the community, I don't think that helps the game."

So, there you go! No real revelations here, but it's good to know that Call of Duty will be ditching the timed exclusive content in the future, and will remain a key focus for PlayStation and PC along with Nintendo at some point too.

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