Party Animals Halloween Event Creeps Onto Xbox Game Pass Alongside Update 1.2

Party Animals developer Recreate Games has delivered a scare-filled Halloween event for its recent Xbox Game Pass brawler. Available now alongside patch 1.2, the Halloween update brings a new map, ghost-themed outfits, pumpkins decorations, new store items and more to the title.

Here's a sneak peek at the new ghostly outfits now available in-game:

As we mentioned, this themed event drops alongside a broader patch that also fixes some of the Xbox Game Pass title's more egregious bugs. We'll drop the full Party Animals 1.2 patch notes down below.

Party Animals Update 1.2 Patch Notes

New Features

  1. Added a new map: Castleween
  2. Added text chat & voice bubble display features in the final scoreboard page after a game
  3. You can now jump to the achievement that unlocks certain outfit from the Locker
  4. Added a UI to distinguish outfits that are already obtained in the Surprise Egg info page
  5. Ban reasons are now displayed on the login interface


  1. Shovel's damage has been nerfed
  2. Improved issue where players could be instantly killed under special circumstances
  3. Improved issue where wall-climbing was difficult under special circumstances
  4. In custom lobbies, when changing maps but not the number of teams in the lobby, keep the current team distribution when turning on the random team option
  5. In custom game modes, the quick join feature now better checks the current lobby's player count, reducing instances of quickly joining a full room

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where more than 8 players could appear in game after AI took a spot during quick matches and a player reconnected after disconnecting
  2. Fixed an issue where other players' names were wrongly displayed after turning on streamer mode during quick matches

Are you going to be jumping into Party Animals' Halloween shenanigans? Tell us below!