Lies Of P Has Sold 1 Million Copies Already, Despite Its Inclusion With Xbox Game Pass

Lies of P has been a bit of a hit for publisher Neowiz - as evidenced by the title reaching a mighty impressive sales milestone less than a month after launch. The team's new soulslike has just passed one million units sold - not bad for a title that launched on Xbox Game Pass.

Yep, Lies of P was a day one addition to the service across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, and it's still sold a million copies in a month. That's pretty good going!

Of course, you have a pretty substantial PlayStation audience to account for here, alongside Steam which currently doesn't support an Xbox Game Pass subscription. The game has almost 10k ratings on Steam at the time of writing, so it's definitely proved popular on Valve's PC platform.

We're big fans of this soulslike here at Pure Xbox too. When playing through the title last month, we had a blast - granting Lies of P an 8/10 score and dubbing it one of "the best soulslikes" we've played to date.

Did you buy Lies of P? Or did you play it on Xbox Game Pass? Please tell no lies down below.