The new Forza Motorsport is finally now available on Xbox Game Pass, and although the critics' reviews have been superb so far (including an 8/10 here at Pure Xbox), there have been some grumbles amongst the community as well.

It's pretty common to see a lot of complaints on subreddits for various games, and the new Forza has been no different. It's even got to the point where one Forza fan took to the platform yesterday to question what all the fuss was about!

It's not just on Reddit though - Forza Motorsport also has a "Mixed" rating on Steam right now. This is based on almost 1000 reviews, and the negativity largely stems from poor performance, but a few other gameplay concerns too.

Here's what one of the most upvoted user reviews on Steam has to say:

"The racing itself is engaging and fun but the choices the developers have made with this game for presentation and functionality leave much to be desired. If it receives good post-launch support it may correct a lot of those issues but at launch it’s a bit disappointing and I do not recommend buying it."

So, is the criticism overblown or is there reason to be a little disappointed with Forza Motorsport so far? We've had a fantastic time with it on the whole, but we're interested to know if you have any constructive feedback to share for Xbox and developer Turn 10 - don't forget this is a game that will be evolving for years to come!

Let us know what you think of Forza Motorsport down in the poll and comments section below!

Has The New Forza Lived Up To Expectations So Far? (1,244 votes)

  1. Absolutely! I'm loving it!37%
  2. For the most part, I'd say so28%
  3. Maybe? I still need more time with it10%
  4. Not really to be honest, but it's not bad either14%
  5. Definitely not! There's a lot of work ahead!11%