Dead Island 2 was a pleasant surprise when it arrived on Xbox in Spring 2023 after years and years of zombie-splattered development hell, and there's even more good news - it's almost time for the game's first major expansion as the year comes to a close.

Dead Island 2 'Haus' is inbound this November, featuring a "completely new story" centred around a "mysterious cult in Malibu"; sounds ominous! Here's a brief introduction to Dead Island 2 Haus, straight from the dev team:

"Lose yourself in a surreal, psycho-horror dreamscape as you investigate a mysterious cult in Malibu with Dead Island 2 Haus, the first story expansion for Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Haus takes players to a completely new story, where a secret billionaire’s techno-death cult fights for survival amidst the Zompocalypse.

Haus is a paragon of a new future, as prophesied by their enigmatic leader Konstantin. Players will battle through Haus with new weapons and cards, as they face legions of zombies intent on their slaughter."

And below are a couple more screenshots from the upcoming expansion, showcasing the DLC's new aesthetic and the sorts of places you can expect to explore in Dead Island 2 Haus on November 2nd. The expansion will be a premium one - also available in the £24.99 / $29.99 Expansion Pass along with the game's 'Gold Edition'.

Are you looking forward to Dead Island 2 DLC? Let us know if you'll be picking this up down in the comments section.