Battlefield 2042 Has More People Playing Now Than During Its Launch Window

Battlefield 2042 is experiencing something of a resurgence, if new PC player counts are anything to go by. The futuristic EA FPS, which is almost two years old at this point, hit a new peak player count on Steam recently - and it has continued to match its launch window numbers since.

On October 12th, Battlefield 2042 had 107,376 people playing online. On day one, when the title launched in November 2021, the game hit a peak concurrent player count of 105,397 - with both of these numbers grabbed from SteamDB. That in itself is a pretty remarkable feat, however it's what's happened since then that's perhaps the most impressive bit.

On that Oct. 12 date, the game was free-to-try across all platforms - likely resulting in this new peak player number. However, the game has managed to maintain similar numbers at peak times since that date, with people clearly picking up and playing the game after its free trial. This past weekend, 2042 surpassed the 107k number on Steam once again.

With continued support from DICE, Battlefield 2042 seems to be thriving. These Steam stats of course don't take console into account either - where the game is available on Game Pass Ultimate for Xbox players and was included in the PlayStation Plus Essential lineup back in March 2023. Season 6 has just landed as well, so there's still plenty of new content to go at with Battlefield 2042 in 2023!

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