Random: Phil Spencer Seems To Be Preparing His Own Nuke Launch In Fallout 76

So, err, last week certainly stirred up some interesting stories in Xbox land - with fans nuking Phil Spencer's camp in Fallout 76 definitely being one of the weirder things we covered before logging off for the weekend. While we took a little screen break for a few days though, the Xbox boss has seemingly been planning his revenge.

As spotted by Rebs Gaming over on Twitter, Phil has been spending some time in Fallout 76 recently - earning himself the 'Officer on Deck' achievement while doing so. Oh, and as it turns out, this quest must be completed for players to be able to launch nuclear weapons in Bethesda's online RPG.

Now, we can't say this definitively just yet — Phil may have been simply enjoying some FO76, earning cheevos along the way — but such a move certainly looks like the head of Xbox could be plotting his digital revenge. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on Phil's Xbox activity to see what comes next - this almost has its own storyline to it!

As we mentioned up at the top, a few Fallout 76 players recently began nuking 'P3's Camp' in response to last week's sad news of four Xbox studio shutdowns - even if some have suggested that the closures probably weren't Phil's doing. Anyway, for context, we'll drop the links to last week's wild Xbox developments down below.

What do you think to this? Will Phil get his in-game revenge? Go ahead and discuss down in the comments section.