As Activision gears up for the launch of the Call of Duty Modern: Warfare 3 pre-order beta next week, EA has announced it will be hosting a "free access" period for Season 6 of Battlefield 2042.

This free-to-play period will take place from 12th October until 16th October and not only allows players to try out the latest season 'Dark Creations' but also catch up on the other seasons and all the content updates before this.

When Season 6 launches in Battlefield 2042, there'll be a new battle pass (including both free and premium tiers), a new vehicle, new weapons including the new VHX-D3 AR, the L9CZ Sidearm and the G428 DMR, and a new map 'Redacted':

"Discover a secret underground Scottish facility, dripping with tension and close quarters mayhem. The tight, contained corridors make for claustrophobic, infantry-only firefights. Fans of Battlefield classics like Operation Locker and Operation Metro will feel right at home as they overcome their fears within the biodomes and laboratories."

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