Xbox Design Lab Adds Multiple 'Shift' Controllers, Including An Exclusive New Design

Microsoft has announced another new Xbox controller design today in the form of the "Cosmic Shift", and the interesting thing about this controller in particular is that it's exclusive to the Xbox Design Lab program.

You can see a look at the Cosmic Shift above, and here's how Xbox describes it:

"Beginning with the ocean and culminating in deep space, the Cosmic Shift encapsulates the endpoint of this grand journey through the universe. The white-pink shimmer is perfectly subtle, reminiscent of a star-filled nebula, providing a unique aesthetic for you to get your hands on."

The Cosmic Shift joins the Aqua, Lunar, and Stellar Shift designs that are all making their debuts on Xbox Design Lab today, which means you can personalise them in multiple ways to create something that's unique to your tastes.

Xbox Design Lab Adds Multiple 'Shift' Controllers, Including An Exclusive New Design 2

We'll throw a few more details below, along with stories about the Aqua, Lunar and Stellar Shift controllers:

"You get to personalize the D-Pad, buttons, bumpers, triggers, and back case, tailoring it to your style. Elevate your customization with extras like personalized engraving, metallic triggers, or rubberized side and back grips for enhanced comfort and control. Add your own style and flare to the Shift series and design yours at We can’t wait to see what kind of awe-inspirating shift controllers you’ll dream up."

Interested in picking up one of these Xbox Design Lab controllers? Tell us down below.

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