Xbox Lunar Shift Controller

Just a couple of weeks after revealing the Mineral Blue Camo Controller, Microsoft is back with another brand new Xbox pad, this time from another planet entirely! The Lunar Shift Xbox Controller launches today in select markets, and serves as a follow-up to the Aqua Shift edition from last year.

That means it carries over the same colour-changing 'shift' patterns from the Aqua version, baked into the controller's faceplate and rear grips. This time out, Xbox has taken inspiration from the "awe-inspiring aura of the moon" with its colour scheme.

Xbox Razer stand

As has become the norm with new Special Edition Xbox pads, Razer is also launching a matching charging dock that'll set you back $49.99. Xbox says the stand shares the exact same shimmer effect finish as the controller, creating a rather nice looking set!

Speaking of Razer, the company just revealed its own Special Edition Xbox controller, although that one is a little more expensive than Microsoft's own effort. Razer's new pad costs $199.99 (with its matching stand included), vs. the Xbox Lunar Shift controller coming in at $69.99, or £59.99 here in the UK.

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What do you make of this new controller? Tempted to add it to the collection? Let us know down below!