Aqua Controller

Despite the Xbox Design Lab opening up again, a new controller has been unveiled sporting a beautiful aqua glossing, arriving on August 31.

The Aqua Shift controller will be the first special edition Xbox controller to come with rubberised grips, each equipped with unique dual colour swirls. It's said to "feature a surreal, colour-shifting blue shimmer that you need to see to believe".

"Playing with the way the prismatic color moves across our controller, you’ll feel like Aqua Shift comes to life in your hands. Inspired by the fantasy that gaming brings into our lives, we know this mystical beauty will add that magic your controller collection needs."

It's available to pre-order today for £59.99/$69.99 via the Microsoft Store and other select retailers ahead of its launch later this month.

This new controller joins the recently launched Space Jam designs, which added three new gorgeous templates for Xbox fans to pick up. Out of all of the Xbox special edition controllers, the Aqua Shift is definitely our favourite so far. We can't wait to get a feel for it in our hands, and display it in our ever-growing collection.

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