It's Time! Starfield Is Now Available On Xbox Game Pass

The biggest Xbox Game Pass release of September 2023 and the entire year so far has arrived! Starfield is now officially available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (and Xbox One through cloud gaming) as part of the service.

You've got a couple of ways you can tackle this one - if you want to dive in natively, then the full 100GB+ download is available right now, or alternatively you can use the aforementioned Cloud Gaming feature with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to stream Starfield over the cloud and enjoy it that way.

We've already started to prepare a wide range of Starfield guides here at Pure Xbox to help you, and to kick things off we suggest checking out our "#1 top tip for new players guide" to help navigate your way through the early game.

So, it's time to get started! Barring any last-minute issues (we hope not, as this is a scheduled post!), Starfield should be ready and waiting for you on Xbox Game Pass right now. It's finally ready for launch.

Have you tried Starfield on Xbox Game Pass? Any problems? Tell us in the comments below.